Classic Turkish Cuisine At Cappadocia


At Cappadocia, we pride ourselves on our authentic Turkish cuisine. We’re pretty sure we serve up the best classic Turkish dishes in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Our extensive menu offers an array of traditional Turkish food – something for everyone to enjoy. Read on to find out more about our classic Turkish dishes

This is Heading Two

In Turkish culture bread is seen as one of the cheapest food sources but also highly valued. As a humble food it’s a constant reminder that anyone can end up poor and grateful for a piece of bread, and it should therefore never be wasted. Standing on or throwing away bread is seen as an insult, and any unwanted or spare bread should always be donated. It’s even used as a metaphor for hope. As the traditional Turkish proverb goes; “hope is the bread of the poor”.

A Turkish dinner table is not complete without bread. And it’s no different here at Cappadocia where all our delicious bread is baked fresh, daily. Complimentary with all of our cold and hot starters, our warm, homemade bread is also perfect for mopping up all the meat juices from our succulent kebabs, as well as for soaking up the rich tomato sauces from many of our popular dishes, such as our pan-fried garlic king prawns which are cooked in a rich garlic butter and tomato sauce.

We Love Dips...


We love dips just as much as we love bread, and delicious, homemade bread deserves a delicious array of dips! Perhaps the most loved Turkish dip is Cacık – a very refreshing mixture of ground or shredded cucumbers with diluted yogurt, garlic and mint. On a hot summers day in Turkey, some serve it with ice cubes in it to make it even more refreshing. Other classics include Patlican Soslu – a mixture of aubergine, peppers, onions stewed in tomato sauce, Baba Ghanoush – made with aubergine, tahini, yoghurt, garlic and lemon juice and a favourite the world over; hummus!

World Famous Kebab

Kebab or ‘Kebap’ as it’s known in Turkish, is the common name for a dish where meat is coated around a skewer and grilled over a charcoal fire. Originally, the meat consisted of lamb or beef. At Cappadocia, we have a variety of kebabs and mixed grill dishes including meat, chicken and even a choice of vegetarian kebabs, which are all best enjoyed with our homemade bread to mop up the delicious sauces as mentioned earlier, along with a helping of Ayran – a very popular, savoury Turkish yoghurt drink.

Turkish Salads

Turkish salads aren’t your regular sorry salads. They are a taste sensation, combining great flavours and textures, and will always add some extra magic when accompanied with any Turkish dish. Our Turkish House Salad at Cappadocia marries together a dreamy combination of fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, red cabbage, pomegranate (a favourite ingredient in Turkish cuisine), a little lemon juice and vinegar.

Guvec dishes are popular in the Anatolia region of Turkey and refer to slow cooked, casserole style dishes which are cooked in a guvec pot – from which the dish gets its name. A guvec is the traditional earthenware pot that is used for cooking chicken, meat or vegetable based dishes. It’s slow cooking at its best; the flavours of the seasonal produce and meat mingle and simmer over a long time, and the earthenware guvec pot brings out the distinctive flavours. At the end of the cooking process you get a delicious, melt-in-the mouth, tender stew of vegetables and meat that’s worth the wait. In rural Anatolia, the guvec pots can be sealed and buried in the ashes of the fire to cook slowly overnight. It’s also common for the locals in Anatolia to take their guvec pot to be baked at the bakery. Our guvec dishes include chicken (Tavuk Guvec – pictured), lamb (Kuzu Guvec), fish (Balic Guvec) and a vegetable guvec (Sebzeli Guvec) which you will find under ‘Vegetarian Dishes’ on our menu.

Try it for yourself

Cappadocia is the perfect place to sample traditional Turkish cuisine. Our warm and welcoming Turkish hospitality is just as characteristic of authentic Turkish culture as our food is. Our restaurant is located in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter on Frederick street, just a stone’s throw from the iconic Chamberlain Clock. Book your table now to experience Turkish dining at its finest!

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